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Secondary Level Training

Dyslexia and Literacy Difficulties
This is a two session twilight package for whole school training for Secondary and High schools.

Session 1: Raising Awareness

  • Raise awareness of issues commonly experienced by those with dyslexia/persistent literacy difficulties,
  • Look at the impact of these difficulties on learning.

Session 2: Strategies to address students’ needs

  • Increase staff confidence in adapting teaching to address students' needs in all subject areas.
  • Discuss ways of increasing students' understanding and use of subject vocabulary.
  • Develop awareness of text readability and difficulties which students may encounter in lessons.
  • Explore the use of ICT for gaining access to texts and recording,
Further Information
  • The sessions are designed to be interactive with activities and opportunities for discussion. In addition to the teaching content, staff will work in departments to consider ways of adapting the curriculum in their subject area.
  • All staff will receive handouts containing key information and strategies to help pupils to access teaching and learning more successfully.