For whole schools or groups. Workshops on a variety of themes such as:

  • Supporting persistent literacy and maths difficulties,
  • Developing effective multi-sensory teaching strategies,
  • Effective phonics teaching for all phases,
  • Reading and spelling longer words and subject vocabulary,
  • Spelling choices.

These workshops are delivered to school staff in all phases across the local authority.

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Online workshop sessions 2021

Access to the online programme will be granted once your school has paid for the workshop. You will receive an email once this has been received with the link and you will gain 2 weeks access to complete the training.


Spelling Choices - “ay or a-e or ai - what do I write?”

Focus: KS2 - KS3 - TAs, Teachers and SENCos

Explore multi-sensory strategies to support spelling choices using teaching programmes designed Dyslexia Team.

A comprehensive range of free teaching resources will be provided for each delegate.

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Dyscalculia, Dyslexia and Maths Difficulties: subtraction

Focus: Primary/Middle Schools

An outline of current thinking and practical strategies to address Maths difficulties.

A comprehensive range of free resources will be provided to support teaching of basic subtraction skills.

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Fun with Phonics! - New Stage 3 Games

Focus: KS1 and KS2 - TAs, Teachers and SENCos

Exciting strategies for enhancing your phonics intervention sessions.

This workshop includes Dyslexia Team teaching materials as well as a new selection of phonics based games for Stage 3 sounds.

A comprehensive range of free resources will be provided for each delegate.

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