Middle School Level Training

Dyslexia and Literacy Difficulties

This is a two session twilight package for whole school training in Middle schools.

Session 1

Raising Awareness


  • Raise awareness of the issues commonly experienced by those with dyslexia/persistent literacy difficulties,
  • Look at the impact of these difficulties on learning.

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Session 2

Strategies to address pupils’ needs


  • Consider support strategies to reduce barriers to learning,
    Increase staff confidence in adapting teaching to address pupils’ needs,
  • Discuss ways of improving pupils’ knowledge of subject specific vocabulary,
  • Explore the use of ICT for gaining access to texts and recording,Outline ways to improve students’ study skills and develop independence,
  • Explore ways of developing an inclusive ‘dyslexia friendly’ approach throughout school.

Further Information

  • In addition to the teaching content, practical advice is provided about ways of implementing inclusive strategies across the curriculum.
  • The sessions are designed to be interactive with activities and opportunities for discussion.
  • School staff will have opportunities to discuss and plan together to consider ways of adapting teaching and learning in their phase or key stage.
  • All staff will receive handouts containing key information and strategies to help pupils to access teaching and learning more successfully.